Roller Conveyors and Its All About

It is true that technology has made our life easier and more comfortable. Today it is hard to imagine spending a single day in our life without the help of machines. Perhaps, the most varied uses of machines can be found in the industrial sectors. The roller conveyors have become an important part of modern industries. These conveyors take a thing from one part of the factory to another for further technical proceedings. However, the use of roller conveyors can also be found in nonindustrial installations like airports, stations and ports.

Roller Conveyor

1. Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

This type of roller conveyors are operated by a chain system. The chain is connected to a motor that controls the movement of the chains and the roller conveyor with it. Chain driven roller conveyors are mainly used to transport heavy loads from one place to another.

2. Belt Driven Roller Conveyor

A belt driven roller conveyor is operated by a rubber belt. The rollers are held together by the belt which is connected to a motor responsible for the movement of the whole conveyor system. This type of roller conveyors are widely used all over the world.

3. Gravity Roller Conveyors

This type of roller conveyors require minimum amount of power to perform as most of the work is done by the Earth’s gravity itself. These roller conveyors generally operate on the concept of traditional roller coasters where gravity does the most part of the work.

4. Line Shaft Roller Conveyors

Line shaft roller conveyors are perfect for transporting light materials weighing up to 20 kg. In this type of roller conveyors, the rollers are connected to a shaft beneath through a series of spools. The rollers start functioning as soon as power is passed through the shaft.

5. Zero Pressure Roller Conveyors

In a zero pressure roller conveyor the products on the conveyors do not touch each other and are easy to use. They reduce the noise of the conveyor rollers and are highly reliable. This type of roller conveyors are also easy to maintain.

6. Use and Benefits of Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are mainly used in different industrial sectors where there is a need of transporting materials from one part of a factory to another. The benefits of using roller conveyors are that they reduce the need of human endeavor to transport materials from one section to another. Moreover, they also provide different sections in the factory with constant supply of materials.

Keeping all these things in mind it can be said that roller conveyors have become an important part of modern industrial sectors. To get more information on roller conveyors and their manufacturers & suppliers in India click here.

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